App Store Optimization (ASO) Solutions

  • ASO 1.0 Limited Sytem

    Painful limited system:

    Keyword optimization:
    App title
    App descriptions

    Asset optimization:
    app icon
    Screen Shots

  • ASO 2.0 App Indexing

    Expand thousands of keywords:

    The updated search system utilizes deep indexing of an app’s actual content to create searchable terms.

    An app can cover thousands of keywords because of the app deep indexing algorithm.

  • ASO 3.0 Search Index

    Guarantee top ranks for target keywords:

    The app store search index is the search hit value of keyword.

    Thanks to this value, we can confirm the difficulty to push the keywords to top 1. We use the exact traffic to push the keywords to top 1.

ASO Keywords Search Rank Pushing Service

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  • One-on-one consulting to confirm target countries, keywords and time

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  • Congratulations!All keywords get target ranks

Why Choosing AppStoreASO?

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As to mobile marketing, app rank pushing on app store top charts such as free chart, paid chart and grossing chart used to be the best way to get users. But now app store optimization - ASO search keywords rank pushing and trend search pushing can expand keywords and get more traffic, a better method to boost app downloads and buy traffic and users for iPhone and iPad. Especially for mobile game developers, app publishers and app marketing agencies and companies to get mobile games promotion, P2P apps marketing, new games rankings.